Orange Frenchies Kennel is based in Croatia. At first sight it is a small kennel, but when you get to know our dogs you cannot remain indifferent. It is because all our dogs are playful, friendly and unique. Unique for us means that all our dogs are uniquely gorgeous with amazing personality. If you are planning to get yourself a Frenchie puppy, there is something you should know: the puppy can always be transported by plane.

If they are up to 4 months old, they can travel with our hand-picked agents. Those people manage to keep them safe and sound throughout the flight. If you love your job, you do not have to work a day. We were lucky to be one of those people, who love what they are doing, so, on the first place, this is not a job, it is living a dream.


After we thoughtfully choose new families for our puppies, we tend to stay in touch with them. We exchange photos, videos, experiences and, of course, our incredible love for the Frenchies. Our favourite part about breeding Frenchies is watching them grow into wonderful creatures. All our dogs are healthy and with a FCI pedigree. All these words may seem unbelievable, but if you get to meet one of our dogs, it will be love at first sight undoubtedly. Since you are already here, look at our photos and find your perfect Frenchie!


Behind every great story, there are some expected or less expected situations that led to it. In my case, at the beginning, it was pure love for dogs, and it still is. My very first start in the dog world was with my lovely German boxer named Taras. He was my father’s gift and he made me happy for many years. Taras was a very strong and self-confident male. Same characteristics define all my later dogs. After him, I dedicated several years to English bulldogs. And I ended up with several wonderful dogs – Maja, Crtic, Liliputh and Diditi. They were lovely, but also a very demanding to breed.



English bulldogs have a lot of similarities with the French ones and they really prepared me for them. I still remember the moment when I fell in love with French bulldogs. As I told you, it was love at the first sight. There was a CACIB in Split, in 1999, and I remember I saw an exceptional brindle female. In that moment, the magic happened. I started to look for a fawn male throughout Europe. I found Dodi, my first French bulldog:  Thank you Elena for that beautiful soul.

I cannot put in words my feelings for him.  Dodi is my first French love and he will always be. Since then, French bulldogs became my biggest passion in life. Just as people like to be surrounded by people, the best company for a dog is another dog.


I didn’t want for Dodi to grow up alone so I started to search for another fawn male. Then I found an orange clown, as I like to say, my precious Buff. We became a lovely trio, recognized by everyone at every dog show around Europe. We make  a great team if I may say so myself and what’s most interesting my two fawn boys taught me a lot. After them, our kennel welcomed Bullet, Zaz, Zorro, Dobroslaw, Farley, Anandi, Mica, Hopso and Lee.

Together, we make a big family sharing love and great moments. I hope still that there will be many more, because it’s never boring to have Frenchies around. I can definitely say that they are my best friends ahead of any human being. I am grateful for every single moment I get to spend with them.


In order to become a successful breeder, you need to set yourself goals that you’ll try to achieve. I am aware that breeding French bulldogs is not an easy job, but it’s all worth the love they send back your way. My first goal is to breed a healthy dog. After that comes their character, and at last but not least, their full development. After I achieve those three goals, I can say that I have succeeded in breeding and making my dogs happy which in turn makes me happy.

If you have any questions, suggestions or critique feel free to contact us. I will gladly help with anything you want to know. And I assure you, you should get yourself a tiny clown that will change your life in a better way.

With love,
Rudi Cabrijan